Crunchy snow! Thigh deep…

Yup, we were out cutting firewood yesterday which was a lot of walking…a lot of walking back and forth; boring if you are a dog. We tried to lay tracks with the back of the truck weighted with a bunch of bucked up firewood to no avail. It’s not walking but Bear and Sam like the adventure of a ride in the truck even if it is just down the road.

We were going to rectify Sam and Bear’s cabin fever today but heading across the meadow…now by across the meadow, I mean we were going to head down to the creek, walk along the frozen creek then wade our way through the scrub and deep snow once we got to the mouth of Brittany Creek but wouldn’t you know it? We got down to the creek, struggled through the sometimes crunchy, sometimes soft as a cottonball snow only to find we were not the only ones heading down to the creek! Yea, our travelling companion was way down on the lake and heading to Casselman Creek but who knows where he was headed from there? And since we had Bear with us we felt it wise to head back up to the Earthship. Not to make Bear feel guilty, the snow drifts were DEEP making the trekking pretty slow anyway so if our friend had decided to come and check us out? Yea, we would have been retreating at a snail’s pace!  And it was super windy out there! So while it may only be -3C it felt like -100C with the wind…okay, maybe not quite that cold. Cold enough to freeze the stuff dripping outta your nose though. Blech! Thankfully Ryan introduced us to Buffs! We had as much of our faces, head, ears, fingers and toes covered as humanly possible but whatever the wind found, it froze! I dunno, I found it invigorating! Bear is our deciding factor and he said Home so Home we went.

Sammy and I did a lil detour over to Clarice’s. He put his nose to the wind and wanted to go, go, go but I made him come back home with me. Still, Sammy and I broke a few lil trails around the place so there’s that. hehe, once these guys are all warmed up and nice and cozy we’ll roust ’em out and drag ’em outside again and maybe break the trail that goes up and behind the house, over to the boathouse trail…oh, maybe we can see where Moosey was laying the other day?

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