Laying Tracks for Bear

So apparently I didn’t learn my lesson yesterday! I got stuck in the deep drifts again! At least this time it was face first so I didn’t have to bother trying to flip over. The thing with getting back up after falling so thoroughly into the drift is that as you put your hands, knees, feet, whatever down to prop yourself up, you just sink that much lower into the drift! It feels like solid ground but it’s just a layer of ice under the snow…
This morn I was breaking a trail for Bear up to his …um, “dunny”…Bear is a particular fella and likes to poo in private. The problem with Private these days is that the snow is up to his ears! And he has that weak back leg. He IS getting stronger but we don’t want to push him too hard…heaven forbid we undo all the good his million dollar surgery did!
So this particular path I was breaking for ol’ Bear this morn is strife with blowdowns, debris and mini saplings which creates a  veritable minefield of hidey holes to get caught up in. Here’s a note about Bear: if there is a hole or a branch to fall in or get snagged on, Bear’s going to find it!  Turns out I took after Bear on this lil endeavour; of course I fell into a great big fat drift of snow; face first no less! And man, it was DEEP! It took me forever to get myself sorted out and back on my two feet… snowshoes.
At any rate, Bear now has a much nicer trail to his “dunny”; hope he enjoys it! The things we do for our animals!

One thought on “Laying Tracks for Bear

  1. Dope fully that is the last time you need to do this for him this year! I think you guys need a snowmobile to help with some of this kind of stuff…..

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