First Weekend of March 2018

Well, it’s been snowing here, every day, all day, for days. But not like snow snow….like, if we were in the Fraser Valley it would be a cloudy, foggy day…same as that but here the precipitation in the air is snow and not mist. So it’s not like the accumulation has amounted to anything other than a slippery layer on top of all the ice. Oh, and of course it is light as so it blows all over the place. Not that the wind has been in issue the past few days but last week, Monday? I can’t remember exactly but we had some strong winds! And snow. And now we have some nasty drifts that the truck can’t plow through even though we have tons of weight in the back. Guess we are stuck here until some of the snow melts! We are getting low on fresh produce but have heaps of canned stuff to see us through until our next grocery shopping which we are hoping will be March 16 or 17th, weather depending.
So we worked Bear to the max this weekend! Today he did his biggest post surgery walk and I reckon it was a lil too much for him; we took it slow and easy on the way back with Bear only needing to sit down once. He was happy as to get back to the Earthship! Short walks only tomorrow! And on easy, well broken trails. Heh, Bear is funny! It’s kind of like when we get in the truck to go somewhere: Bear is the first one there! Ready and raring to go, all excited, and then the first one to start whinging; sorta the same with today’s big walk: he was  ready and raring to go, running and goofing around with Sammy and by the middle of the walk he was like, “Carry you baby, daddy” walking on Luke’s snowshoes.  One thing we are pleased with though, we can call out, “Bear, slow down! Behind” and he actually listens to us. New words in his …understanding. Well, I guess we used to say Behind pre-surgery but not Slow Down. The vets said it will be a good year before he is back to himself and I totally believe them now!  Bear is … frustrated…with his inability to do what he used to do. It is our job to make sure he doesn’t! Not yet. We are confident he will get there though and that is a good thing. He is a trail dog, through and through. He is happy to go around our lil trails out here even if they are only minimal; at least he is out there.
Okay. So. The whole purpose of today’s big walk was to check out the status of the road. Ack! We laid tracks faithfully. The road was great! Especially after Clifford plowed it for us! And then we got a major dump of snow, strong winds, cold temps which were the perfect combo to freeze the snowdrifts making it near…well, no, making it impossible for us to get the truck out of …our drive way!  I mean we had our suspicions about parts of the road; now we know for certain. Come on warmer temps! Come and melt some of this snow so we can get out to Tsuniah Lake Road!
Anyway, that was 2 1/2 hours of walking in the cold (-8C) and I can honestly say we live at the top of a hill! Everyone else is cuddling on the bed at the mo so I think I will sign off and join them as my feet are killing me. My Sorrels? Not the best boots for long walks but they do keep my feet dry.

Until next time then!

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