Ryan comes for a Visit

Ryan came up for a visit late August and brought us some much needed groceries. We had planned on getting a big load of groceries on our way home from the Fraser Valley but we had a very sick dog on our hands, taking up all the room in the cab of the truck and our most precious possessions in the back of the truck; not a lot of room for groceries!
I do believe Tatla Lake was on evac order when Ryan came up so he got stopped on his way in. The kind officer said, “You mean to say that you have essential items for your parents?” and let him through.
I can’t tell you how happy I was to have fresh produce! We ate very well while Ryan was visiting!
Luke,  Ryan and Sammy went off exploring the property, looking for places to build new trails, over to the old homestead while I stayed home with poor old Bear. At least he could hobble around a bit now, no more dragging him around on his bed; no walking for this guy!
We didn’t have room to get drinking water when we drove through William’s Lake …oh wait, nope, we filled our 5 gallon water bottles at Michael and Hayley’s before we left the Valley. As Ryan’s visit was drawing to a close we made a water run down to the Chilko River and on our way back Ryan took care of a few of the “leaners” that Luke wasn’t comfortable taking down. But first he had to sharpen the saw…on the tailgate of the truck…Luke reckoned they were sharp but they weren’t Ryan standard sharp.  Ryan made short work of those problematic trees!
Thanks, Ryan!


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