Laying tracks, snowshoe style!

We have been hit with quite a bit of snow over the last few days. When it first started, we enthusiastically grabbed the snow shovels and cleared paths for the dogs, cleared paths around the place to make life easier – to the compost, to the dunny, to the wood pile, in front of the solar panels, from the Earthship to the bank for easy disposal of pee bucket contents and to empty the grey water pond with makeshift system that is in place for the winter. We’re a few days later and are not quite so enthusiastic about grabbing the snow shovels but we still have to because, well, because not to would mean we don’t go outside to do anything!
We donned snowshoes on Sunday and re-broke the trail down to the boathouse; yea, that was a hard slog!  There is a tree down right near the end of the trail that Bear usually has to duck under – yea, a simple step over for him now! Every now and then Bear or Sam would stray from the snowshoe tracks that Luke and I were laying but they were super quick to hop back into our tracks! Poor Bear, he would sink in up beyond his belly and lil Sam would practically disappear!  The both of them had icicles dangling from places that probably ought not have icicles dangling from them!
Yesterday Sammy, Bear and I went out over some of the same tracks we laid on Sunday to pack down the new snow; it was almost like we hadn’t laid tracks! Tuesday Sammy and I ventured where no man has gone since the snow started falling…virgin trail over to the Gran’s memorials. Ack! Might not as well have had snowshoes on! That lil adventure had my hip flexors crying for some doTerra Deep Blue!  Sammy was QUITE unimpressed with how deep the snow was! Quite! But he is a keener and just loves to be outside so he was a trooper and stuck to my heels until we got to the tracks that we laid on Sunday. There was quite a build up of new snow but Sammy was keen to lead the way! He bounced his way through the deep snow, happy as can be!
We picked Bear up once we got closer to the Earthship. There is no way he could have managed the unbroken trails. Even though his hip gives him grief he is desperate to be outside. I took him on the trails that are well packed, wide and clear of obstacles; it’s a short trail, maybe 15 minutes, but it is really all he can do. I think Luke may have pushed him a lil too hard while I was away; and I get it; how can you take one dog for a walk and not the other when there isn’t anyone else at home to stay with the house-bound dog? It’s heaps easier now that I am home! Sammy is my faithful companion on all my walks and Bear is my sometimes companion on the walks that he can handle.
We love the snow! It certainly beats the rain!
Thanks for coming along on our walks about the place!


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