And then there was Sunshine!

So we have been smothered under clouds heavy with snow for days! It snowed off and on all day yesterday despite my seeing the sun first thing in the morn. And then this morn, more snow. Not a lot of it, just non stop snowing…if it was rain? I would have called it misting and not raining. Anyway, we were so surprised to see the sun this arvo!!! I dragged Luke out of his computer chair, insisting he accompany Bear, Sam and I on our daily walk. They really had to get out today because yesterday it was so windy we didn’t go out. Funny that; Bear and Sam love their walks but refuse to go out when it is super windy! Maybe the sound of the wind, the ferocity of it messes with their hearing and they are too discombobulated so they say, “Nah! Not going out in that!”
Oh  wait! We did go out yesterday! It was snowing but not so windy; Wednesday we didn’t go out! Oh, I bet there will be trees down after that big blow!
We hadn’t gone too far when we noticed that Bear was limping quite badly; going to have to be a short walk today, just down to the D. But then we got up to the old excavator spot and the boys were on the trail of something!!! Sammy thought his prey had dug into the snow bank and he was determined to dig him out! Of course Bear had to check it out and didn’t he fall through the snow? And get stuck! Dad had to help him out! Now, stay outta the banks, Bear! Oh, how many times did we have to tell him to get back on the road!? He is curious fella, that Bear.
While the boys were happy to be on the trail of some critter Luke and I were happy to follow along behind, enjoying their enthusiasm, their freedom to be dogs. Nice back drop too! It was so good to see the mountains today. And the brilliant blue sky. And the pure white snow. And Mt. Tyslos. It made everyone smile! Look at Luke! He’s down right Happy! He went so far as to say that he feels happier when the sun is shining! I guess it is less worrisome for him; he doesn’t have to worry about running the generator, or haul in firewood, he has a minute to breathe. Breathe fresh clean mountain air.
When we got back to the Earthship I had a few chores to do: empty the pee bucket, clean it,  put it back together; cut some kindling and then I noticed that Luke looked like a real bushman! Sat him down and tidied him up with the clippers and razor; he looks a lil less frightening now!
And look at Bear and Sam there; just hanging out at the edge of the bank. They love to do that. Surveying their domain. And it all looks good.

Mt Tyslos, you beaut!

Hope you all had a great day!

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