Full Pack Walks on Weekends!

We awoke to beautiful sunshine today! And since it is a long weekend we decided to have a super lazy day today. The only thing on the agenda? Walk with Bear and Samwise Gamgee. Whoa…that was not so easy a task today! Sammy was prancing about like a princess because his paws were too cold! Yea, mate, wear your boots then!
About 15 minutes into the walk Sammy found his stride which was intermittently interrupted by a few seconds of prancing about like a ballerina. Bear has really been struggling with the deep snow so we stuck to the freshly laid tracks along our road and Casselman Road. They had a lot of new sniffs to investigate! A feline with smallish tracks had been along…yesterday maybe?
After our walk,  which we cut short because the dogs were too cold , and we had had a lil warm up, we hopped into the truck and took a drive out to Tsuniah Lake Road and down to the neighbours. We sure appreciate them! Among other things? They drive in and out way more often than us and they clear the way for us to Henry’s Crossing! They cut 3 km off our Laying Tracks duties!
Speaking of laying tracks. Luke had chained up the truck for this occasion (and they have remained on ever since) so we were giving it a go without weight in the back. Meh, we got where we needed to go but we did do a lot of slip, sliding and away…but not so “away” that we ended up lodged amongst the trees or over an embankment! (Insert winky face) I prefer to have a bit of weight in the back but I wonder what that does to the truck? Feel free to weigh in on that subject, those of you in the know! I will say this, I had the truck in for servicing at Chilliwack Ford, while I was in the Valley…don’t ever take your vehicle there for servicing! Ever! On pain of your vehicle falling apart as you drive! When I drove down from the Chilcotin I noticed a rattle and put it down to stuff rattling around in the back as I had a load of firewood back there, for weight…which I left down there! You’re Welcome Wanda and Ernie! Hope it kept you warm for a few days! And some truck parts for the neighbour. Then when it was time for me to go and pick Michael and Hayley up from Vancouver airport the truck was NOT driving well – this was post servicing- sigh. Thankfully I had Ryan along for the drive and was not too worried; at least if the truck broke down I would have someone along to keep me from stressing out to the max. Ryan said I needed to bring the truck back in. Bah! I did. They told me I had blasted the sticky weights off my tires which caused the wobbliness and I should bring the truck back to Kal Tire where Luke had purchased the tires before we moved to Never Never Land. Brought the truck over to Kal Tire, which, thankfully was open late! And Mr. Kal Tire informed me that my tires did not now or ever have sticky weights. Thanks Ford Chilliwack, thanks a lot! Mr. Kal Tire did say I should not rack up such huge amounts of muck in my tires…I explained where I live. He gave me a few ideas on how to combat the mud without a high pressure ….or any pressure at all…hose. So here’s a thought….Ford just had my truck apart and they replaced the brake pads…they couldn’t have removed the dried on mud???? Again, thanks, Ford, thanks a lot. Their Service department sucks %$#@! I miss my Chev Service Department days!!! My lil Cruze was always shiny clean when I picked her up, inside and out! She ran like a dream and I NEVER had to worry about the road worthiness of my vehicle. Then Luke bought a Ford. Groan. Now, don’t get me wrong, our Caribou Ford 150 has been reliable; I wish getting her serviced was the same! Right, off topic, as usual. So now I am home a few weeks and that rattle under the truck is just getting worse! Not that we drive ANYWHERE, except to lay tracks, so what? 22 kilometres, every now and then? And the roads are a dream to drive on…no muck, no potholes…okay, maybe they are a bit slippy, slidey and the snow is a lil deep, but still, this is the time of year when, in my opinion, the roads are at their best! So now I, we, have to worry about whether or not we will get where we are meant to be going until we have an opportunity to take the truck in to have the rattle looked at. William’s Lake Ford, I hope you are a heck of a lot more organized and conscientious than the Chilliwack location!!!!!!!!

Right, rant over. Now, where were we? Oh, I think maybe I have said enough for this post.
Oh, I will just say, of course Ford sent a follow up survey. I gave ’em an earful and of course we have heard nothing back from them. Thanks, Chilliwack Ford, thanks a million.

Okay, well and truly over! Until next time then!
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