Arrival at the Earthship

My first glimpse of our new place when I hopped out of the truck!
My first glimpse of our new place when I hopped out of the truck!

The drive in on Saturday was going smooth as butter but then we forgot a left turn and we ended up on Tuniah Lake’s doorstep! And let me tell you, that road was ROUGH! Right, we found a place to turn around on the goat track…no small feat in that rental truck Tony was driving- which had practically zero clearance. So we back tracked for 10 km and found the turn we had missed and were happy to do so but then we cringed at the condition of the road. Whoa! What a mess! Rutted, muddy, puddles you could call lakes; I think I am glad that soon the winter freeze will settle in and the road will be much nicer to drive on.


I was now worried about what to expect from our driveway because when we were up in September it was rough as! It was going alright but then we came upon a icky, mucky quagmire that was going to be a bit tricky. Meh, I just drove through it; the truck slid all over the place but I kept a steady foot on the gas pedal, went with the slides and we made it through. Tony is a better back road driver than me and he got through there no problems!


Right. We pulled up in front of the Earthship and spilled out of the vehicles; unloaded Bear and Sam and coaxed Billabong out with a promise that his vehicle riding days are over. Devin was introduced to Ryan and Tony; general visiting and chit chat commenced but light was fading fast so Devin, Luke and I went inside for a tutorial on how to start the Earthship up. Please don’t ask me how; I let Luke take control of that and will get a tutorial from him at a later date. As I said, we were losing light fast and I wanted to get what foodstuffs we had packed out of the vehicles and into the ‘fridge’; turns out the fridge is generally shut off in the winter and the cold room is used instead.


Whilst I was unpacking the stuff from the trucks I had the foresight to turn on the oven to cook the now not so frozen lasagnes I had brought along for our first meal in our new place. Once the food was out I moved on to the plants we had brought to start off in the greenhouse; the poor lil things had been thrown about a bit on the drive up. Next came all the bits and bobs that were thrown in; the packed up air mattresses we slept on for the last week at Peach Road. Can’t tell you how glad I was to see the end of that sleeping arrangement!!


When we were driving up I said to Luke that we ought to unload the bare necessities upon arrival and leave the rest for the morrow. Ryan and Tony were able to sit by the fire and rest their jostled bones while dinner was cooking. Bear and Sam were able to tear around to their hearts content while Bill slowly unwound from his arduous journey in the back of the truck with Bear and Sam. Shortly after a very late dinner it was lights out and bedtime. Our first Bed Time in our new home.

And it was good!

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