Sunday, a day of unpacking

Billabong finds a comfy space in the midst of all the unpacking!
Billabong finds a comfy space in the midst of all the unpacking!

After a leisurely breakfast of make-shift whole wheat pancakes, WITH Butter, mixed berries and/or syrup we got to the task of unloading the truck. What ceases to amaze me now is the fact that Luke packed the truck all by himself! With Luke, Tony and Ryan stuck into the task it took them 3 hours!!!

The guys were merciless, bringing box after box after box to the kitchen. I said, “Hey, wait a minute! If that huge table is coming into this kitchen it has to come in first!” They were quick to comply and then shoved boxes under the table as well as on top of and every square inch they could find! Now, if you know me at all, you know that I love to cook. And I love to bake. And I have every imaginable gadget and dodad to get the job done! And that, I’m afraid, means a tonne of unpacking! Only one thing to do when presented with a monumental task like that and that is to dig in and slowly chip away at it. I tried to only handle each item once; took it out of its box, gave it a wipe down (horrendous amounts of dust all over everything…you should see the 65km dirt road we had to travel to get here) and put it in its new home. I puttered away ALL day long and got half way through all the boxes.

The guys, on the other hand, finished unloading the truck and then had free time to do as they pleased. To be honest, I don’t even know what they did? They walked about the place; maybe ventured down to the boathouse? They made a great fire¬†which I could see from the kitchen; they looked quite cozy sitting about the fire in the recliners that had been booted out of the lounge room!

For dinner I had had Ryan, (who is a saint and did a grocery shop for me on Friday night) pick up some frozen pizzas. They made the trip up to Brittany Lake in our eskie so they were actually still a lil bit frozen! I baked those in my very weird oven…well, weird to me because it is old and not so attractive; I cut up a bit of fresh veg and that, my friends, was dinner! Trust me, after a day unpacking my kitchen, the guys are lucky they got that!

Really and truly I should have taken a photo of the kitchen with all the boxes in it! Oh, I should also mention that the unpacking medley was further exacerbated by the fact that I had to clean absolutely everything! S’all good, my beautiful shiny new Norwex products helped me tackle that huge task. Oh, and I had a system in which I loaded stuff to take to the Share Shed into boxes as I emptied them; had another box for straight to the rubbish heap stuff, and a box for the packing paper. Billabong loves that box! He nestled himself in there yesterday arvo and stayed there for a good long time; this morn after I let him in after his morning constitution he went straight back into the box of paper! What a guy! Glad he found a place in which he could find comfort after the indignity of having to share the back of the truck with Bear and Sam for 10+ hours of travel on Saturday!

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