Friday, January 6, 2017

Mr. Sun, nestled under his thick, grey blankie!

Today the Sun got up with me but he seems pretty determined to snuggle under that big, thick grey blankie of his!  Not sure why he doesn’t want to get up? If it’s because he is cold, doesn’t he realize that if HE gets up and shines bright then we’ll all be a lil bit warmer?? Silly ol’ Sun! To combat the cold this morn I did light a fire at 5:00a.m. I was trying so hard to stay warm without lighting a fire! I snuggled into the recliner is layers of clothes, big fluffy sox, a hoody pulled over my head to keep in what warmth I managed to generate and a fluffy fleece blankie to no avail! Cold still managed to creep into my bones so I made the executive decision to go ahead and light that fire! Come on, baby, light [that]fire! That’s a song, right? Even with a fire going, it took forever to heat the loungeroom. In going to the kitchen I saw that the outside temp was reading -13C and inside a chilly 11C. Ever so slightly warmer than yesterday, if you can call those temps “warm”.
Right. Well, I do have the power to warm up the kitchen for a lil bit by baking something yummy and then opening the oven door once the product is ready. It just so happens that as I was freezing my buns off in front of the fire I came across a recipe for Blueberry Almond Scones. Now, please understand; it’s dark out, my bones ache from the cold and lack of sleep, the kitchen is even colder than the rest of the house and I am willingly going up there? SMH (Shake My Head) But I also know that if I get moving then I will work out the aches in my joints and will warm up in the process! Plus we’ll have something yummy for breakfast! Win/win situation, if you ask me!

A bit of blue sky to the West
To the north
And the south

East doesn’t get a mention because, well, the blue sky forgot to show up in the East today!

Onward! I took my aching self up to the kitchen an set about warming the place up! In the barely dawn of (7a.m.) morning I set about throwing together the ingredients for Blueberry Almond Scones, only having to light a candle so I could read the numbers on my kitchen scale. I’ve been making scones for as long as I can remember and I’m pretty sure I can make them in the dark! Had I have pre-scaled the butter last night I would have been good to go! Obviously my favourite part about making these scones was that I got to turn the oven on! Once the scones were tucked into the pre-heated oven I got started on the Breakfast Polenta; thought I would run with the Blueberry theme this morn and nothing goes better, in my opinion, than Blueberries and Polenta. What’s Polenta, you ask? A cooked cornmeal cereal that is quite versatile; you can change it up depending on what liquid you cook it in;(I used Almond Milk this morn) change it up with extracts, with add-ins; you can make it savoury or sweet. This morning my brain was still half frozen so I forgot to add sweetener but did add a dollop of Coconut Oil and Vanilla for flavour. See? I did say “half frozen”. Besides, the frozen berries that I used to top the Polenta always seem a lil sweet to me? The oven and the boiling liquid had achieved what I had set out to do, warm up the kitchen. Alas the warmth did not last for the duration of my writing session! And now I’m freezing again so I think I’m going to head downstairs to warm up in front of the fire before heading out for a walk with Bear and Sam.

Before I go, I will leave you with a pic of the wonderful HOT breakfast that we had this morning that warmed our insides and our lovely lil kitchen.

Blueberry and Almond Polenta with Whole Wheat Blueberry Almond Scones


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