Wednesday January 4,2017

An adorable card from my beautiful daughter, Anita

First off, Yay! Fitbit is telling me I got 8 hours sleep last night and I LOVE that! I was just saying to Luke last night that I thought I had reached my capacity for sleepless nights and yesterday I posted on FB that I felt I had an 8 hour sleep just around the corner! That said, I still feel very tired today but as Luke always says, a single 8 hour sleep is not going to render me ready and raring to go after weeks of sleepless nights. Taking that into consideration I decided to have a quiet day today. The problem that I have with “quiet” days is that I don’t get 10,000 Steps in! Currently sitting at 5,316 Steps and I haven’t left the house except to go to the dunny this morn.

Anyway, I came up to the kitchen to get stuck into my 15 minute writing sesh; that was over 2 hours ago! I started clearing off my table in the office yesterday; some of the paper and stuff ended up on my office bench in my kitchen and I looked at that pile of crap numerous times yesterday thinking that I had to find time to get it sorted out. Well, heh, it was the first thing in my line of vision when I came up to write so I tackled that instead of writing. In finding homes for that pile of stuff a bunch of other stuff became homeless so that in turn got me stuck into sorting out the “office” drawers in the kitchen. And that in turn rendered some of my kitchen stuff homeless! I’ve spent the morning scrambling to find everything new homes.

One of the boxes that I dumped out contained old photos. Brought a smile and tear to my heart. S’all good! I now have a lovely family photo of Anita and her family on my fridge where Krick and her boys were…are…reigning supreme! I think Anita’s family photo was actually taken at Krick’s wedding! I also came across a card that Anita sent me when I was living in Australia and since it is a picture of a lovely lil faerie digging in a cookie jar I thought it should get a frame and live in my kitchen. In fact, I came across a lot of lil notes that Anita has sent me over the years; a lot of old Mother’s Day cards and they, like the old photos, always bring a smile and a tear to my heart. Anita, after all, is my first born. The first born always captures a special spot in a mother’s heart, right? Now I know that every mother thinks that HER child is unique but you know, I had so many people tell me that Anita was unique. So many people! I suppose that is largely due to the fact that she was surrounded by adults! I was living at home with my family when she was born, my 3 brothers, 2 older, 1 younger, my lil sister and my parents; everyone wanted to take her everywhere! I went back to school after Anita was born so she spent a lot of time hanging out with my parents, hence Anita’s close connection with her Grandma; but that’s a story for another time…
Anita also spent heaps of time with my Dad. I think he had a back injury shortly after she was born and wasn’t working a lot. He WAS working on being sober. He went to countless AA meetings and if he was on Anita duty, he just took her with him. And my brothers were also attending meetings back then too. I’m not sure if they took Anita with them? Could be. Anyway, one time I came home from work at Towne Cinema (only 2 screens back then) and was told a rather adorable story:
Mother and Dad had gone out to a meeting and taken Anita with them. Now I don’t know if you have been to an AA meeting but it follows a set procedure and one of the final things they do before closing with the Serenity Prayer is to ask if anyone else has anything to share? Well, my darling 2 year old Anita marched up to the podium and declared, ” Hi, I’m Anita and I’m a lil girl alcoholic!” I don’t know if she followed that statement up with any qualifying stories but she was crowned the Cutie of Kinghaven!

The Universe works in mysterious ways, hey? I had a lovely Messenger chat with Anita the other day and then yesterday/today the Universe dumped her in my lap. I am eternally thankful for my beautiful daughter, Anita. Thanks Universe for bringing the two of us together! I have always loved being her Maman. Sure it got challenging when she was a teenager but tell me what teenager hasn’t driven their parents crazy at some point in their lives and I’ll award you with ….”1 millllllllllllion dollars!” (said in my best Dr. Evil voice)

Peace out, folks
Remember to hug your kids! And your parents, if you are lucky enough to still have them around. And if you do but they are far away? Give ’em a call!

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