A Glimpse of the Year Gone By (2017)

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A few photos from 2017. We evacuated from our Earthship during the Wild Fires of 2017 not because our property was threatened by fire but because Highway 20 was a very volatile corridor that was Open one minute then Closed the next.
We DO celebrate when we get out and get groceries! So much fresh produce! It will be nice when I suss out how to produce our own fresh fruit and veg.
We have very limited fridge space so we totally love to splurge on all the refrigerated things from the grocery store too! So much yum!
Luke, Sam, Bear down at Moose Hollow in the Spring, before the mozzies descended upon us!
Luke and I worked very hard on clearing the entire length of the Boathouse Trail this Fall. (2017) We started to clear in Fall 2016 but only got a few metres done before the ground froze and the snow began to fly. We found that the saplings made snowshoeing down the trail quite…annoying…they left a narrow path down either side of the trail which often had Bear and Sam stepping on our snowshoes. A tad annoying.
When Luke’s folks were here for a 3 week visit Dad was determined to make life easier for us. What a great guy! Something Luke has struggled with is getting the canopy on and off the truck on his own. The guys pulled the excavator into action to try and dig a few post holes….Fail – too many boulders… so they dug them by hand, cut down a couple of trees for poles, pulled together bits and pieces of lumber and voila! Now it just needs a slanted roof and maybe we could protect the truck from the elements; not sure it is tall enough but something is better than nothing, I reckon.
So, for various reasons, we have spent way too much time in the truck with Bear and Sam over the past 6 months! We can definitely say that 17 hours in one go is far too many hours to be cooped up the truck with our boys! Too their credit though, they were quite well behaved once Bear let up with his panting. We both had Swimmers Ear by the time we got to the Fraser Valley! Upon our arrival back to the Earthship in mid August Bear had to make numerous trips to the Vet in William’s Lake which eventually led to another trip to the Fraser Valley where he underwent major surgery at the specialist in Aldergrove; and then there were all the follow up Vet visits in William’s Lake. Way too much time in the truck with Bear and Sam and I am sure they would agree!

After all the hubbub of the Summer and the much anticipated visit from Luke’s folks we finally had a chance to relax and breathe – we kept one of the old blowdowns just below Clarice’s Bench because we just find it beautiful even though it is no longer a living tree.

Bear and Sam are mighty squirrel hunters! They never catch any but they sure like to try! And that last one, Sammy just wants to climb that tree!

Bear is slowly recovering from his surgery. This was his first walk up a hill post op; he only just made it to the top before he and I turned around and went back home while Sam and Luke carried on for a longer walk.

Luke and Sam out at Gran Irene’s trimming off some of the lower branches on the trees that will remain standing. It will be my job to go back in the Spring to weed out the saplings. Can’t wait.

The final photo, we attempted to walk down to the D, 500-600 metres from the Earthship, but Bear couldn’t do it. We are pleased to say that he can now do this walk, there and back again, with no worries but he definitely does need a good long rest when he gets back home.

We are happy to see Bear slowly recovering. We all miss our long walks!
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