For the Grans and The Hill

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So here’s the thing. Luke’s Grans were super important to him. I remember when we first met we would make plans to spend time together and he often said, “Oh, can’t that day, going to see my Grandmother.” A uni student, going to visit his Gran. Sweet, right? And so our place includes a special spot for each of his grandmothers.
Clarice aka Granny, has a spot with a bench upon which we sit and watch the creek/lake. It is particularly beautiful when there is a mist over the water – always changing, shifting, bringing an ethereal life to the water. There were a bunch of big, old downed trees at Clarice’s but we had a vision; a day of hard work and now we have a lovely spot to go and sip our morning coffee.
Farther down, sort of at the mouth of the lake, up on the hill above Swan Spit is a great big juniper bush and a spruce tree. Lodgepole pines are prolific out at Brittany Lake and I feel that  junipers want to be but they struggle, being crowded out by saplings;  there are also some lovely spruces interspersed about the place, which I absolutely love!  This spot is dedicated to Gran Irene. Our plan is hang a bunch of birdhouses out there to attract song birds; Gran Irene was always singing. Lovely old soul, Gran Irene. Actually, I think Luke really takes after his Gran in that he too is a wise old soul, wise beyond his years but, well, he NEVER sings! Only difference.
When we arrived out there at Brittany Lake there was already a lower trail there between the two spots and maybe the upper trail was even there but it might not have been in very good shape. Luke cleared a bunch of blowdowns, some hangers, some brush and now we have a pretty decent Upper Path between the two as well. Of course I have to go in and clear some saplings but they don’t impede our way so there is no hurry.
The shots of The Hill, which we can see from the East kitchen window is just up from Gran Irene’s. It’s not much of a hill but it is the biggest hill on the property. It’s the high point that we go to when we want to see what is happening around the lake. There are actually a few other knolls which we hope to build trails to, connecting them all together.
And then there is Luke, pointing the way through the myriad of mess to the next knoll. He has knocked a rough trail half way through, and I do mean rough! We took Bear and Sam over there; you see Bear there, trying to squeeze his big ol’ self under a tree! Definitely not ready for Bear to be over there!  And I can’t even begin to tell you how much work I am going to have, cutting down the lil stuff.
An adventure! Which will lead to other adventures. Which equals contentment.

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